ALL HVAC ducts and ducting systems over a period of time will generally require a duct cleaning service due to an internal build up of dust, debris, mould, mildew, rust, fiberglass and other hazardous foreign air contaminants.

Neglecting duct cleaning in your HVAC system can greatly effect the operational efficiency and present a risk to occupant health.

EHS offers air duct cleaning Gold Coast and Brisbane. We can safely and competently clean all aspects of your ducting systems from horizontal installed ductwork, flexible ductwork, electric duct heaters, heater banks, VAV’s and cushion head boxes.

EHS use pneumatic and mechanical agitation equipment paired with HEPA fileted negative air machines to safely remove all foreign contaminants. EHS ensure that the negative air machines and the HEPA filters are calibrated annually to 0.03 microns to ensure all airborne dust and mould spores are safely removed from the ducting system.


Benefits of Duct Cleaning –

  • HVAC Hygiene
  • Improved Longevity of system
  • Improved Operating efficiency resulting in reduced power usage
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality for occupants

Before Cleaning and Disinfecting Works

After Cleaning and Disinfecting Works

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