Efficient Hygiene Services (EFS) know that microscopic spores exist almost everywhere naturally and to totally remove all of the mould from a home or building is impossible. What we do is to remediate the mould in your building to a safe and normal level using scientifically proven techniques As every home is different, so every mould damage scenario is different and may require its own unique treatment protocol, although the basic mould treatment and remediation process remains similar.

Efficient Hygiene Services (EFS) are totally committed to provide exceptional mould remediation on the Gold Coast in helping people from all coast coast region to combat mould and the dangers mould places on our health.

EHS have a highly professional, well trained team of experienced experts in mould remediation and assessment. They provide unbiased, scientifically based and proven advice on all aspects of insurance claims or remediation processes.

Engaging EHS can help protect the well-being and the health of all the occupants of your premises, the insured parties and any contractors as well as reduce mitigating losses such as reputation time and money. This can, also, reduce the chances of other party’s litigation and the amount of liability when settling claims.

In most situations mould results because water enters an area after it has been damaged, causing high moisture and humidity levels. It can also be the result of inadequate restoration work or structural defects allowing moisture to be trapped.

Assessment requirements are usually dependant on the type of problem, the reason for the flood damage or leak and the preferred amount of assistance a client requires. At EHS we offer a range of assessment options to our clients from a simple visual type inspection to complex and very detailed assessments. Call us today

Our Services

Air / Structural Moisture Assessment

Determining the moisture content of the air in a build or parts of a building is done to determine if the areas are supportive of mould growth. This is done by collecting measurements and information regarding moisture on the surface and the amount of moisture penetration on any potentially affected materials to determine the exact extent of any moisture damage.

This allows the investigators to find the reason for moisture ingress and to determine the condition of any materials or surfaces. This will help determine whether or not the surfaces have been dried to acceptable levels as moisture levels on surfaces and in materials present are indicators of whether further investigation is required to help in controlling mould growth.

Assessing the moisture levels of the air inside the building helps to determine the quality of the air and humidity levels, which indicates the potential for surface condensation and subsequent mould growth.

The amount of mould remediation, leak and flood damage repair and control that is done on a building can have a dramatic impact on the occupants’ health and can affect the owners or insurers’ obligations.

EHS are qualified and experienced experts for post remediation verification and mould assessment. We provide unbiased, scientifically proven advice at each stage of an insurance claim or remediation project:

Our Mould Remediation Gold Coast Service includes:

  • Disinfecting all affected materials, surfaces and objects
  • Drying out of affected areas
  • Removing all carrier materials that are contaminated, such as wallpaper, insulation materials, plaster, timber, concrete, tile grout, carpet and other coverings etc.
  • To liaise between owner and tenants regarding remediation work and progress
  • To ensure that thorough and complete air purification is carried out
  • Arrange a site inspection with the property owner or insurance assessors as well as the remediation contractor to determine the rehabilitation procedures and conditions
  • To supervise the necessary building and health department permits and safety requirements if appropriate
  • Conduct on going visual assessment of all remedial work as required by the owner, insurer and local body, building and health inspectors as required by government and local body legislation and bylaws
  • Prepare a report on the area control and success of remediation works and summarize any additional remedial work if required to bring the building up to a reasonable standard for the owner occupier or tenant
  • Provide recommendations for ongoing mould prevention and control for the occupiers of the property so they have the required skills and knowledge to know what the hazards and health impacts are when they are exposed to dampness and mould in their homes or places of work.

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