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EHS Case Study – Past Client


Below you will find a case study from a past client of Efficient Hygiene Services.

Date of Job: November 2021

Duration of Job: 10 Days

Type of Work Completed: Full Air Conditioning System Cleaning, Disinfecting and Treatment Works with a full Supply Air Fan Refurbishment and Corrosion Protection Paint Application to the Cooling Coils and Framework.

Table of Contents

Background Information​

An external audit from an independent company undertook various air samples and swab tests, with results indicating extremely high microbial growth levels and cleaning was required to comply with IICRC and ASTM standards. Efficient Hygiene Services was contracted to undertake all aspects of the air conditioning system and provide remediation and prevention works to ensure no harmful contaminants are present. EHS were also tasked with completing the full supply air fan refurbishment and corrosion prevention application to the cooling coils to ensure longevity of the plant and equipment.

Building History

The AC system that EHS serviced, is part of a large government health building that is comprised of 11 Buildings and the AC system being served, was to service a new facility that solely focused on disease and hazardous substance prevention. The Air Handling unit was a large multi plenum AHU.

Scope of Works

EHS ensured that all works were completed after hours in order to maintain normal operations to the building and its staff members. EHS also ensured the correct procedures were taken to safely remove all hazardous contaminants found inside the AC systems. The use of correct PPE and HEPA filtered extractions equipment were essential to our scope of works in the completion of this job.

  • Undertake cleaning, disinfecting and treatment works for the entire AHU including return air plenum, fan plenum and 2 coil plenums.
  • Undertake a full supply air fan refurbishment which involved grinding back all existing paint and corrosion and apply a 2 pack epoxy coating to extend the life of the plant.
  • Undertake a new epoxy coating of the base of the fan plenum
  • Undertake the corrosion protection paint application to the cooling coils and frame work
  • Re-insulate all existing chilled water piping to prevent condensation and apply AERIS antimicrobial paint.
  • Application of AERIS antimicrobial paint to internal and external surfaces of the AHU

Before & Afters

Cooling Coils Before


Cooling Coils After


Cooling Coils Before


Cooling Coils After


Supply Air Fan Refurbishment Before


Supply Air Fan Refurbishment After


Supply Air Fan Before


Supply Air Fan After


AHU Before


AHU After