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Servicing South East Queensland

Split System & Cassette Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast

Mould Growth On Split System Before — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland
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Green Lines

Optimise Your HVAC System

There are many ways to clean your HVAC system, but only a professional service can provide you with the best results. At Efficient Hygiene Services, we can clean out split and cassette air conditioners across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads. We take on jobs for commercial and industrial clients.

By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, you can keep your cassette and/or split system air conditioners functioning optimally all year round. This can help reduce energy costs, as well as ensure the air circulating within your property is clean. Our professionals can clean all components – including exterior casings, directional louvres, drip trays, cooling coils and supply air fans.

Working in line with Australian Standards 3666.2:2011, you can count on us to deliver outstanding results. Contact our air conditioner cleaners in South East Queensland today.

Dirty Split System Fan Before in South East QueenslandClean Split System Fan in South East Queensland
Split System Cooling Coil in South East Queensland
Cassette System Fan Before — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East QueenslandCassette System Fan After — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland
Cassette System Cooling Coils Before — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East QueenslandCassette System Cooling Coils After — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland
Air Conditioner Full Of Dust — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in Sunshine Coast, QLD
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Green Lines

4 Step Cleaning Process

  1. ASSESS: EHS assess the system and its environmental surroundings to determine an appropriate scope of works with relation to system design, access and contamination rating. If the system is displaying high levels of microbial growth or dust, then a containment of air filtration device should be used to prevent contamination the occupied space which the split system or cassette services.
  2. CLEAN: EHS start by isolating all power sources to prevent electrical hazards. The entire system including exterior casings/fascias, filters, directional louvres and drain pans are removed and taken offsite to be sprayed with AerisGuard Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner before being pressure washed and wet wiped clean. A catchment bag is installed under the system to catch water run off preventing water damage to property contents. All systems components such as cooling coils and the supply air fan are sprayed with Aeris Heavy Duty Cleaner which is an environmentally green cleaner sanitiser. All system components are then wet wiped clean using AerisGuard Active or Defence for immediate disinfecting.
  3. TREAT: Once all system components have been cleaned, dried and disinfected, EHS provide a treatment to ensure there is longterm protection against mould, mildew, fungi and odour causing bacteria. EHS uses AerisGurd Bioactive Surface Treatment which is a fungicide/bactericide that creates a residual film and provides 12 months protection.
  4. SAFEGUARD: EHS utilises AerisGuard split system condensate tray tablets to continue to prevent the growth of foreign air particulates and odour causing bacteria. EHS guarantees no mould growth on any of our cleaned systems with a 12 month period!!

Specialised Equipment & Superior Services

Our technicians use specialised tools and techniques to ensure high quality workmanship is delivered for every service. Using a low-pressure water system, we’re able to remove all foreign contaminants safely and quickly, whilst ensuring the unit itself is protected. We’ll then reassemble all components. To validate our work, we use an anemometer to test the wind speed and pressure from your system. You can also contact our team for indoor air quality testing, kitchen exhaust cleaning as well as mould cleaning services. To book in an appointment, give us a call on 1300 222 357.
Air Conditioner Being Repaired — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland
Green Lines
Green Lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Any build-up of debris and moisture within an air conditioner can cause mould and bacteria to grow. This can potentially cause health concerns for your staff and customers over time. As such, it is important to maintain a regular air conditioner cleaning schedule.
On average, a cleaning service for a standard cassette air conditioner will take around one hour. However, overall cleaning times may vary depending on how many units you have and the amount of build-up within them.
One system can’t necessarily be said to be better than the other, as each is intended for a different area. Cassettes are more suitable for larger open areas — such as office spaces or restaurants. Split systems are ideal for smaller spaces — such as cafes or retail stores.