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Dirty coils can decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system and make it harder to keep your property cool. But the solution is easy! Simply book in a coil cleaning service with Efficient Hygiene Services. Our qualified team travels throughout South-East Queensland and NSW, including Brisbane, Maryborough, Hervey Bay the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads and Sydney.

Over time, the internal and external surfaces of coils can accumulate a heavy build-up of dust, dirt, pollen, moisture and other contaminants. Our team will remove all debris effectively by using dry vacuuming, a high-pressure water machine and specialised coil cleaning chemicals.

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NADCA ACR Best Practice Guidelines

We demonstrate Type 1 (HEPA Vacuuming) and Type 2 (pressure washing) cooling coil cleaning methods onsite to provide the most thorough clean without cross contaminating already clean system components are building areas.

Over time the internal and external surfaces of coils (condenser and cooling) in HVAC systems can have a heavy build up of dust, dirt, pollen, moisture and other contaminants. The heavier the build up on such contaminants it also decreases the available surface area for heat transfer. The less heat transfer also reduces the efficiency of the heat transfer process which can lead to poor system performance, decreased longevity and excessive energy consumption. It is important that air condition coils are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they operate at optimum efficiency.

In addition to energy efficiency and system performance benefits, regular coil cleaning also vastly improves indoor air quality, something which gets overlooked. This is a fact that has led to regular coil cleaning becoming a regulatory requirement in certain circumstances.

There are a number of ways to clean coils, such as dry vacuuming using a brush head attachment to dislodge any debris stuck between the coils, but the most effective way to clean coils is to use a high pressured water machine (i.e gernie), and using a coil cleaning chemical, that helps to promote the dislodgment of debris and removing the fine film of mould or dust that sits on the surfaces of the fins and coils.

According to the US department of Energy (DOE) a dirty condenser coil can increase condenser energy consumption by 30%.

Benefits of Coil Cleaning

Regular cooling coil cleaning has many benefits — both financially and for your health. It can:

  • Increase the life of your HVAC system & help reduce energy consumption by 30%
  • Ensure your HVAC system operates at optimum efficiency
  • Improve indoor air quality through a coil cleansing process
  • Remove the presence of harmful debris that is cycled indoors

If you’re unsure whether your cooling coils need a clean, feel free to call our team today to enquire. We also provide ductwork cleaning, mould cleaning, as well as HVAC hygiene inspections and reporting. You can count on us to deliver a comprehensive service.

Frequently Asked Questions

To maximise system efficiency, it’s best to have your cooling coils cleaned at least once a year.
The condition of your cooling coils relates directly to the indoor air quality of your property. As such, having them cleaned regularly can ensure harmful contaminants are removed from the air.
Depending on the condition of your cooling coils, a combination of dry vacuuming, a high-pressure water machine and specialised coil cleaning chemicals may be used.