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HVAC Corrosion Protection Gold Coast

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HVAC System Maintenance

EHS provides corrosion protection services to all HVAC-R equipment and plant. The corrosion protection services provided by EHS are World-leading corrosion protection and surface preparation products designed for HVAC&R and a wide range of industrial applications including unrivalled 45,000+ hour salt spray resistance without impacting heat exchange.

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Highly corrosive and/or coastal environments reduce the effective lifespan of metals, air conditioning, refrigeration and all metallic surfaces.

AerisGuardTM Corrosion Protection PLUS is a self-etching high performance modern polymeric water-based coating that has been specifically designed for in the-field applications to coat and protect metallic surfaces.

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AerisGuardTM Corrosion Protection Plus can be applied in domestic, commercial and industrial evaporator and condenser units. This is applied as step 2 of the corrosion protection process.

When used in conjunction with AerisGuardTM Outdoor Coil and Surface Cleaner it offers up to 5 years protection. Ease of application with aerosol or bulk product making it possible for service technicians to use and remove the need and cost for specialist applicators.

Tested over 40,000+ hrs ASTM B117-11 salt spray resistance and has no effect on air flow or heat exchange performance.

Give us a call on 1300 222 357 for more info!

For further information or to book, please give us a call on 1300 222 357

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Corrosion Protection Paint Chiller Coils Before — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East QueenslandCorrosion Protection Paint Chiller— Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland

Benefits Of HVAC Corrosion Protection Services

There are numerous benefits to using corrosion protection for your HVAC system. These include:

  • Improved efficiency of operation
  • Extended system longevity
  • Increased system performance
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Improved visual appearance
For more information, contact Efficient Hygiene Services on 1300 222 357.
Air Condition System Assembled On The Roof — Commercial HVAC Cleaners in South East Queensland
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